Nov 26, 2012


           I am sure tomorrow entire Tamilnadu will be lightened by the clay lamps inspite of power problem. My childhood memories for Karthigai Deepam was quite interesting. In our house we had many arches and in the terraces we used to light up the clay lamps. Every year my mom used to buy some type of akal vilaku and add to her collection. She keeps that in practice so her collection goes on increasing. She has all types such as Mud lamps, Clay lamps, Scented pine apple candles,etc. In the evening around 4 pm she starts up with the work. She waits till Thiruvannamalai deepam has to be lighten up. She will be watching the live telecast of Thiruvannamalai deepam on TV and then only she lights all the lamps. My duty is to watch & add oil to all the lamps, so it  is continuously lighted till we go to sleep. Me and my brother will see which house looks beautiful by walking through the street. Those Days cannot be got back.


¾ Cup
¼ Cup
A Pinch
To Grease Your Hands


Dry roast the peanuts until brown spots appear 

Remove the outer skin and just split the Peanuts

Remove the impurities from the Jaggery by adding little water and allow it boil . Transfer the Jaggery syrup  in a non stick pan/kadai and allow it to boil again.

Now its time to check the consistency.  Take water in bowl and drop a bit of Jaggery syrup. If the drop does not dissolve and it stands firm, then try to roll it out into a ball. If you are able to make a soft ball then this is the first stage. Keep for few mins and again check if you are able to make a hard ball. This is the correct stage.

Add the Peanuts and give a stir. Grease your hands  with ghee and make balls.While it is warm make balls .As time goes and when it cools down you will not be able to make balls. So heat up a little for the Jaggery to melt and make balls.

This is the first time i am trying to make this Peanut balls.So i could not form balls when it was hot. My aim was to post this recipe for KARTHIGAI DEEPAM

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