Feb 10, 2015


          Coffee lovers will surely love EXPRESSO COFFEE. It can be made easily at home with minimal ingredients.For me coffee is a must in the morning otherwise head ache will start immediately.
Once you start to taste this Expresso Coffee, you will get addicted to it.


Sunrise or Bru      - 1 Tbsp
(You can use any instant coffee powder)
Milk                      - 1 cup
Sugar                    - 1 Tbsp
Water                    - 1 Tsp


In a coffee cup add sunrise/bru ,sugar,water.Mix with a spoon.

Start to beat vigorously so that you can incorporate more air.
 Stop it when it turns pale brown color.

Boil milk simulatenously.

Now add milk into the coffee cup.

Sprinkle coco powder(optional) and drink hot.I sprinkled coffee powder itself.

You have to beat the mixture continuosly to get the pale brown color. 

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